Official Statement on ACLU Lawsuit

The City is aware that the ACLU has filed a lawsuit alleging that the police department is not complying with AB392, legislation enacted last year regarding law enforcement's use of deadly force.  The City takes the allegations very seriously and will vigorously work to ensure that all the facts are shared with the public because those facts will demonstrate that the City is complying with AB392.

The City of Pomona has always been proactive in updating its use of force policies.  Following the passage of AB 392, the City continued in that forward-thinking approach by adopting new guidelines before the law took effect.  Importantly, those changes were adopted following the professional advice that the City contracts with Lexipol to provide regarding police department policies.  This advice has evolved and recently Lexipol provided additional recommended amendments.  The City of Pomona will review those amendments and current policies to ensure they continue to comply with State law.  The City hopes that after presenting all of the facts to the ACLU the matter can be resolved, if it cannot the City of Pomona will be prepared to vigorously defend itself in court.