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Mission Statement


To ensure Quality Construction, uphold Health, Life and Safety for all the peoples of the City of Pomona.


Section 17960 of the Health and Safety Code requires the Building Department of every city and county enforce all provision in the State Buildings Standards Code.

Section 18941 of the Health and Safety Code “all building Standards be administered and enforced and whenever practicable, written on a performance basis consistent with state and nationally recognized standards for building construction in view of the use and  occupancy of each structure to preserve and protect the public health and safety.

Our Building and Safety Division helps keep our homes, schools, offices, places of business safe for public use. We review and inspect all construction projects that require building permits within the City of Pomona.  These projects range from small scale residential remodels to large, multi story commercial buildings and apartments. 

Your plans are reviewed to make sure they comply with current California Building Codes by following code guidelines. Your project will meet the required minimum safety standards and will be less likely to cause injury to you, your family and friends.

By obtaining required permits you are not only protecting your financial investment in your project but you are also guarding against potential hazards of unsafe construction.





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