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Requests for Bids and Proposals: Non-Construction


The City of Pomona is pleased to announce the implementation of PlanetBids™, a fully automated web-based vendor and bid management system. This system will make doing business with City of Pomona easier by providing vendors up-to-date information regarding bid requests.


To register as a new vendor, click on "New Vendor Registration" and complete each form by navigating through the different tabs and submit to create a vendor profile.

Click on "Bid Opportunities" to search for current bids and proposals.


Application for Continuum of Care-Rapid Rehousing Outreach Grant

 ATTENTION: Page 13 of the "Application for Continuum of Care-Rapid Rehousing Outreach Grant" refers to the following forms, which are not available in the package.  Please download the “Additional Documents-Outreach 5-16-17” file for these forms.  Disregard reference to “MWBE Information Form” this is requested in duplicate as it is the same form as the (Minority and Women Business Questionnaire).


Should there be any questions about the vendor registration and bidding process or requirement, please contact the Purchasing Division at (909) 620-2039.

For technical difficulties with the bid system, please click the red question mark questionmark from any screen to be directed to the technical support help desk.

Notice: This information is a reproduction of official documents of the Purchasing Division and is provided as a public service. Any information presented here is subject to revision at any time. It shall be the bidder's responsibility to obtain current solicitation document(s) in a timely manner, to examine carefully all sections of the bid document before submitting the bid form, and to contact the Purchasing Division for the current status of any bid posting. It shall also be the bidder's responsibility to determine if any addenda have been issued, and include them in their bid response. If there is a discrepancy between this electronic policy and the written copy held in the Purchasing Division, the written copy prevails.

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