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Pomona Economic Opportunity Center


Economic Opportunity Center

The Pomona Economic Opportunity Center (EOC) is the only city-designated center where it is legal for day laborers to congregate and where it is permissible for employers to pick-up
day laborers. The EOC was created to provide a more humane and secure atmosphere for both the day laborers looking for work and the employers looking to hire them.


Who are Day Laborers?
Day laborers are readily available individuals who solicit employment on a daily and temporary basis. The majority of day laborers are immigrants from Central America and Mexico. They often congregate on street corners or in the parking lots of businesses, and like all of us, are searching for work in order to provide for the basic needs of their families. Homeowners, local contractors, factories and restaurants traditionally employ them.


A better way to secure skilled and dependable work
The City of Pomona recognizes the needs of both the day laborers and those searching for skilled and dependable employees. That's why it supports Pomona's Economic Opportunity Center's (EOC) efforts.


Through the EOC, potential employers can be assured of securing individuals with all levels of experience in a variety of vocational skills.


Day laborers registered with the center have some experience in the areas of carpentry, flooring, framing, landscaping (planting, pruning, weeding, etc.) plumbing (piping and trenching); painting (exterior and interior), moving (loading and unloading) masonry, demolition, dry wall, plastering, roofing, tile, janitorial work, car related mechanics and car washing (waxing and polishing). The EOC does not provide worker's compensation for day laborers.


Hire only EOC Registered Day Laborers
Residents as well as business and company owners can also do their part by hiring only those workers that are legally registered with the EOC. Individuals who stand at the entrances of the parking lots that lead to the EOC may not be registered. In addition, may non-registered day laborers also congregate at major street corners or along Mission Blvd. near the Center.


The only way to guarantee that you are hiring registered Day Labor workers is by contacting the Center staff in advance and entering into the office when you are prepared to hire individuals.


Indeed, relying upon Pomona's EOC to hire day laborers is good business and the process is quick and easy, too. There are no finder's fees for employers. An orderly registration system ensures that all workers have an equal opportunity. Salaries are negotiated between employer and employees. Workers can call ahead and be assured that day laborers will be ready and available to begin working. Employers can also hire workers they know and/or workers with special skills. And, center staff are available for translation assistance.


For more information, contact the EOC at 909-397-4215.

Pomona Economic Opportunity Center
1646 W. Mission Blvd. (near the 71 Corona Expressway)
Pomona, CA 91766

Business Hours:
Monday through Sunday, 6 a.m. to noon

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