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The Planning Division provides technical assistance and coordination of the Cultural Arts Commission. This program provides for cultural and arts related activities throughout the year with the largest event being the Chalkart Festival

Public art also plays an important role in relaying the story and identity of a city, district or neighborhood. Pomona has a rich and diverse culture and a variety of historic and cultural districts. Public art venues and forums create the opportunity for residents and visitors to participate in developing and sharing the City’s culture and identity. The burgeoning Arts Colony along Second Street reflects the City’s support and focus upon the arts and cultural expression, with its many galleries,  performance venues and public murals. These venues and works of art help contribute to the City’s overall presence and identity, especially within Downtown Pomona. However, outside of Downtown, public art and facilities are not as abundant, and current opportunities for cultural and artistic expression are limited.


The General Plan seeks to further the growth of cultural and artistic awareness in the City by emphasizing public art along major transportation corridors and entryways into the City as well as within Downtown and neighborhood centers. The enhancement of City streets, gateways and parks with public art is coupled with support of the Arts Colony, as well as public murals and art installations throughout the City. These installations could include sculpture, murals, signage, banners, lighting and even special paving or landscaping. The development of forums for public art is also a key component of General Plan public art policy, where support from the City may include art or music competitions, outdoor exhibit spaces, and public facilities for cultural events and art shows.”  (Source 2013 General Plan Update)


2020 High School Watercolor Guidelines & Application


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