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Code Compliance



Enforcement and Inspections. The Code Compliance Division enforces City Ordinances and inspects both residential and commercial properties for violations that may threaten the general public’s safety.

Actions by Education, Cooperation, Warnings and Citations. During fiscal year 2015‐2016 the work unit has coordinated the cleanup of numerous homeless encampments throughout the City, illegal dumping activities and coordinated the closure of medical marijuana dispensaries that have been that have been operating within the City boundaries. Continued to resolve substandard conditions, address dangerous and hazardous structures, served inspection warrants at multiple locations known to be in substandard conditions and  are in the process of obtaining compliance by use of public education and cooperation along with both the civil and criminal court systems.


As you will note, the City Code Compliance Unit enforces the majority of code violations identified in this brochure. In these cases, please call - 909-620-2374.




  • Landscaping Maintenance

Pomona Zoning and City Codes regulate landscaping maintenance at both residential and commercial sites. Tall, dead, diseased or otherwise overgrown vegetation is prohibited. Proper maintenance is required year round.

 Enforcement: Pomona Code Compliance Unit - 909-620-2374


  • Vacant Structures

Pomona City Code regulates vacant structures. Vacant and open structures, as well as graffiti are prohibited by City Code.

 Enforcement: Vacant open-structure Code Compliance Unit - 909-620-2374
 Graffiti Clean-Up Crew - 909-620-2265


  • Vacant Property

Download a copy of the Vacant Property Registration Form.  


  • Trash & Debris

Pomona Zoning Code regulates the storage of junk, trash, debris, equipment, lumber and many other items on private property. Pomona Housing Code also regulates the storage of junk and trash.

 Enforcement: Pomona Police Code Compliance Unit - 909-620-2374


  • Portable Signage

City of Pomona Zoning Ordinance regulates locations where portable signs may be displayed. Signs on public sidewalks or streets are not permitted.

 Enforcement: Pomona Police Code Compliance Unit - 909-620-2374


  • Public Sign Posting

Pomona City Code prohibits the posting of signs or other notices on any public pole. Abatement of such illegally posted signs is calculated at $25 per sign.

 Enforcement: Pomona Police Code Compliance Unit - 909-620-2374


  • Vehicle Parking

Pomona City Code restricts the parking of vehicles on the public street. Vehicles displayed for sale are not permitted.

 Enforcement: Public Property-Pomona Police Parking Enforcement - 909-622-1241
 Private Property - Pomona Police Code Compliance Unit - 909-620-2374


  • Junk Storage

Pomona City Code restricts the open storage of junk or otherwise inoperable vehicles on private and public property.

 Enforcement: Public Property - Pomona Police Parking Enforcement - 909-622-1241
 Private Property - Pomona Police Code Compliance Unit - 909-620-2374


  • Parking on Unpaved Surfaces

Pomona City Code allows parking on private property that includes improved surfaces only. Approval is obtained by the city building official. Parking on unpaved surfaces is not permitted.

 Enforcement: Pomona Police Code Compliance - 909-620-2374


  • Motor Home Parking

Pomona City Code permits the parking of motor homes in front driveways by special permit only. Parking of motor homes in public view without a permit is prohibited.

 Enforcement: Pomona Police Code Compliance Unit - 909-620-2374
 Permit Application: Pomona Planning Dept. - 909-620-2191


  • Shopping Carts

Pomona City Code and State Codes regulate the unauthorized removal of shopping carts from the owner's property. Pomona City Code regulates the removal of items from a refuse can or bin by a person other than the owner or authorized refuse carrier.

24hr Shopping Cart Reporting Hotline - 1-(855) 500-CART (2278)

 Enforcement: Pomona Police Code Compliance Unit - 909-620-2374


  • Private Property Damage

Pomona Zoning Code regulates conditions on private property including broken windows, damaged screens and storage of junk, trash or debris.

 Enforcement: Pomona Police Code Compliance Unit - 909-620-2374



Contact Us


City of Pomona
Code Compliance Unit

Main Ph: 909-620-2374

Frequently Used Numbers to Report Complaints:
Landlord/tenant disputes: 800-477-5977

Weed abatement-vacant lots:             800-575-5484

Animals (too many): 909-623-9777

Building without permit/room additions/roofing: 909-620-2371

Fire prevention and complaints:          909-620-2216

Shopping carts: 909-620-2362
Sewer main back-up: 909-620-2251
Sanitation special pick-up: 909-620-2241
Street/alley potholes: 909-620-3665
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