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Bounce Permits

Bounce houses are allowed at designated City parks by permit only. There is a $25 fee for the permit and the bounce must be provided by a company that has been pre-approved by the City. 

The company must provide liability insurance with the City of Pomona named as additional insured, prior to permit issuance. 

Risk Management can be reached at 909-620-2280.


  • Seven (7) day advance notice is required for all bounce permits.
  • Availability: Only one (1) bounce is allowed per park per day.
  • Bounces cannot be operated through City electricity; applicant must secure generator for operation.  Normally the bounce company will provide electricity.
  • Applicant is responsible for clean up of area upon termination of event, including all decorations and trash.
  • Bounce must be used by the applicant’s private party; applicant may not charge admission for bounce activities.
  • Copy of permit must be kept with attraction during stated hours.
  • Bounce is subject to inspection and/or closure by Park Enforcement Officers or other Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department personnel at the City’s discretion.


Bounces are allowed only at the following parks:

Ganesha Washington
Palomares Philadelphia
Phillips Ranch Ralph Welch
Westmont Martin Luther King Jr.
Jaycee Kennedy


Please contact Community Services with any questions at 909-620-2321.

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