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Planning Division - 909-620-2191


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In-Person: Feel free to visit our Planning Counter at City Hall, located on the southwest corner of Mission Boulevard and Garey Avenue, at 505 South Garey Avenue. We have reduced hours due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We are open Monday through Thursday and closed every Friday. Walk-in visitors without appointments are welcome between 830AM-11AM, and appointments will be scheduled between 230PM-5PM. All visitors will be subject to our COVID-19 check-in procedures, including temperature checks and designated social distancing. You can schedule an appointment by calling the Main Line at 909-620-2191 or e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line "Schedule a Planning Counter Appointment" 


By Phone: Feel free to call our Main Line for any general questions, at 909-620-2191. If you do not get a live response from one of our planners, we encourage you to leave a message or send us an e-mail. 


By E-mail: You can e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All active planners will be notified and one of us will reply as soon as possible. 



Interactive Property Map


Our interactive property map allows you to search for a property by "address" (for example: "505 South Garey") or by  Los Angeles County Assessor's Parcel No. (also known as an "APN" or "AIN"). Once found, you can click on the property to learn more about zoning, land use, and any other applicable regulations. To move beyond the map and into the actual regulations for your property, see Pomona Zoning Ordinance and Specific Plan Regulations. To learn more about the policies guiding your property into the future, see Pomona General Plan and Policy Documents.

Click here for Interactive Property Map  



Pomona Zoning Ordinance and Specific Plan Regulations


The regulations for each property (or "parcel") in Pomona are known as "zoning." Zoning regulations are found in two places: the Pomona Zoning Ordinance, or in "Specific Plans" for certain areas of the City. Links to all regulations can be found below. 

Pomona Zoning Ordinance (this will take you to a third-party site called "Municode" that maintains all of our PZO regulations) 

Corridors Specific Plan (updated June 18, 2020) 

Downtown Pomona Specific Plan (updated June 1, 2020)

Kellogg Plaza Specific Area Plan (and Design Guidelines)

Mission 71 Business Park Specific Plan

Mountain Meadows Specific Plan (updated June 1, 2020)

Phillips Ranch Specific Plan (and 2016 Amendment to Wal-Mart Shopping Center area)

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Specific Plan



Pomona Subdivision Ordinance 


There are special regulations that guide how a property or parcel can be "subdivided" into smaller portions, either to create new parcels or to establish condominium units for sale (also known as dividing "airspace"). These regulations are found in Chapter 29 of our Pomona City Code, linked below. 

Click here for Pomona's Subdivision Ordinance



Pomona General Plan and Policy Documents 


The City's guiding policy for growth is the 2014 General Plan. This document contains chapters that address population growth, economic development, historic preservation, communtiy design, noise, safety, utilities, conservation, land use, and more. There is also a special chapter on housing that is updated more frequently to comply with State law (known as the "Housing Element"). In addition to the General Plan, the City has other companion documents, such as an Active Transportation Plan and Green Plan. Links to all policy documents are below. 

2014 Pomona General Plan

Housing Element (Fifth Cycle, 2013-2021) 

Active Transportation Plan 

Green Plan 



Commission Meetings


Due to COVID-19, all Commission meetings are being held virtually through "Zoom," a free video chat service. Each Agenda will include a special hyperlink and instructions on how to access and participate in the meeting. We are using a "Webinar" format, which allows individuals to participate by using the "Raise Hand" or "Q/A" feature. For questions, please give us a call or e-mail us at the information provided above. Use the link below to find the upcoming and past agendas and minutes for Commission meetings. 

Link to Commission agendas, minutes, and other documents



Recent Director-Level Decisions 


The Development Services has the authority to make Director-Level decisions for matters that come up within the Downtown Pomona Specific Plan. The process used to make this decision is called "Substantial Conformance," and requires "findings of fact" to be made, and is subject to a 15 calendar day appeal period. You can learn more about this process by reviewing Chapter 1.7 of the Downtown Pomona Specifc Plan (page 14). Any such recent decisions will be posted below. We encourage you to click the link to review the decision and contact the Planner listed for any questions, or to request an appeal. 


(If you're looking for decisions regarding Historic Preservation, please see the dedicated Historic Preservation Page). 


Substantial Conformance for 444 W. Commercial Street (Signage)
Appeal period ends November 3, 2020

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