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Please choose from the list of documents below that best suits your needs:

Pomona Zoning Code and GIS Map

Zoning and Subdivision Code Update


Pomona Hyatt Place Hotel Project

Acrobat Document Pomona Hyatt Place Hotel Final EIR - July 2016

Acrobat Document Pomona Hyatt Place Hotel Draft EIR - May 2016

Acrobat Document Appendix A - IS, NOP, NOP Responses

Acrobat Document Appendix B - Traffic Impact Analysis Report & Appendices

Acrobat Document Appendix C - Air Quality Analysis

Acrobat Document Appendix D - Pomona Hyatt GHG-GCC Analysis

Acrobat Document Appendix E - Noise Impact Analysis

Acrobat Document Appendix F - Preliminary Hydrology and Preliminary SUSMP Report

Acrobat Document Phillips Ranch Specific Plan Amendment July 2016

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