Planning Division Projects

Active Planning Projects

The primary objectives of the Planning Division are to develop comprehensive plans for a quality community; to implement the plans through applicable zoning tools and development codes and provide professional review of all development proposals; and to ensure that new development complements the existing neighborhoods and improves the quality of life for all City residents. Below is an extensive list of the active planning projects the Pomona Planning Division is currently working on, for more information and for the current status of a project please follow the links below.           

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   267 E. Bonita Avenue

267 E. Bonita Avenue view3 DPR 6124 2016

A Development Plan Review, Change of Zone, Specific Plan Amendment, and Variance associated with proposed parking lot in residential zone.

1028 & 1026 W. Fernleaf Avenue

1028 1026 W. Fernleaf Avenue view2 CUP 3967 2016

Conditional Use Permit for the development of a new 2-unit development on a property zone R-2-S.

1036 & 1038 W. Fernleaf Avenue

1036 1038 W. Fernleaf Avenue view2 CUP 4280 2016

Conditional Use Permit to permit the construction of a two-unit, 3,404 square foot two-story attached residential development.

 625 E. Foothill Boulevard

625 E. Foothill Boulevard view2 WIRE 4071 2016

Major Wireless for an unmanned telecommunication facility MCF design, generator, and block wall within 336 feet of lease area. 

 700 E. Foothill Boulevard

700 E. Foothill Boulevard view2 DPR 6897 2017

Development Plan Review for a new three-story 132 room hotel with 150 off-street parking spaces.

775 E. Foothill Boulevard

775 E. Foothill Boulevard CUP 6158 2016

Conditional Use Permit to allow the subdivision of an existing CVS Pharmacy into a smaller CVS and grocery use. 

1982 S. Garey Avenue

1982 S. Garey Avenue view2 DPR 5181 2016

Development Plan Reveiw for the development of a 20 unit apartment complex.

 2377 N. Garey Avenue

2377 N. Garey Avenue WIRE 2511 2015

Major Wireless permit to allow the installation of a new freestanding 65’-2” tall wireless communication facility designed as a stealth tower and associated support equipment. 

2771 N. Garey Avenue

2771 N. Garey Avenue DPR 5953 2016

Development Plan Review to allow a 650 unit mixed use project in the Pomona Corridors Specific Plan.

148 N. Huntington Street

148 N. Huntington Street view2 CUP 7491 2017

Conditional Use Permit to allow the construction of a new, consolidated Water and Wastewater Operations corporate yard facility on the site of the existing City Yard facility.

1600 W. Holt Avenue

1600 W. Holt Avenue WIRE 2662 2015

Major Wireless Permit for a new 45' tall monopine wireless facility.

690 Indian Hill Boulevard

690 Indian Hill Boulevard view2 PREAPP 6442 2016

Modification of Conditional Use Permit to remodel an existing fast-food restaurant (Taco Bell) for which a conditional use permit was previously granted.

1680 Keystone Avenue

1680 Keystone Avenue view2 WIRE 4189 2016

Administrative Wireless Permit for 3 new Remote Radio Units, three A2 modules, and new equipment inside existing LTE rack.

 737 Lewis Street

737 763 Lewis Street view2 CUP 5668 2016

Conditional Use Permit and Tract Map for a twelve-unit detached multi-family development.

105 Mercury Circle

105 Mercury Circle view2 CUP 6213 23016

Conditional Use Permit to establish an adult day care and health center.

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"The purpose of this web page is to provide the public with access to the latest project developments taking place around the City of Pomona. It also serves the purpose of informing the public on the facts of a development and intends to answer questions pertaining to the development. If you have any questions or concerns we encourage you to contact the Pomona Planning Division directly at (909) 620-2191 or come to the Planning counter on the first floor of City Hall. We are happy to help you.”