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Solid Waste - 909-620-2241


Solid Waste

  • The Solid Waste Division performs Citywide residential, refuse collection service in a professional, safe and efficient manner; provides effective oversight of the Commercial Solid Waste Franchise system; provides Community Clean-up Program (stationary events) and Illegal Dumping Abatement; administers the shopping cart retrieval program; administers special Solid Waste collection programs in focused areas; administers grant programs, such as used oil, beverage container recycling.

    The City encourages Zero Waste. 

    To learn more about Zero Waste, click here.

Administration Services

  • The program goal of the Solid Waste Administration is to provide administrative support for the solid waste operations of the City of Pomona by providing ongoing management, evaluation, administrative support, and financial control of the service programs, so that the division performs in the most effective and efficient manner.

 Community Cleanup

  • The goal of the Community Clean-up program is to provide a mechanism for residents to participate in Council District clean-up events.

         Phone Number: 909-620-2241


Illegal Dumping

  • The Illegal Dumping Abatement program is to mitigate the Citywide Illegal Dumping problem brought on by the closing of dump sites.  This program is responsible for cleaning up illegal dumpsites throughout the City.

         Illegal Dumping Reporting Line: 909-620-2399

         To learn more about Reporting Illegal Dumping, click here.


Residential Refuse Disposal

  • Provides automated collection and disposal of refuse, collection of bulky items,  recyclable materials, and green waste for residents in single family units and some multifamily units, consisting of four units or less, by providing weekly service the City can effectively manage the trash being generated and meet the State’s mandated diversion goals.  Service includes the collection and recycling of Christmas trees, from December 26th through the second week of January.  

         Phone Number: 909-620-2241


Shopping Cart Retrieval

  • The Abandoned Shopping Cart Retrieval program provides for the timely removal of shopping carts that have been abandoned in public rights-of-way (i.e. alleys, sidewalks, streets, parkways, medians, etc).

         24 Hour Abandoned Shopping Cart Reporting Line: 909-620-2362


Tire Recycling

  • The Tire Recycling program, provides for the proper collection, disposal and management of used tires in the City by conducting collection event(s) and developing public education materials for residents.

         Phone Number: 909-620-2241


Used Oil Recycling

  • The goal of the Used Oil Recycling program, provides for the proper collection and disposal of used oil and filters from residents in the City by developing public education materials and conducting collection events throughout the City.

         Phone Number: 909-620-2241


Los Angeles Regional Agency (LARA)

LARA is a consortium of several cities in Southern California.  LARA is currently 18 cities strong (and counting).  The Los Angeles Area Regional Agency was formed by conscious recycling advocates from the member cities.  In 2004, CalRecycle approved the formation of LARA.  All members of LARA work together to insure their city meets and exceeds the mandates set by State Assembly Bill 939.

Please visit the link for valuable information on regulatory compliance, recycling, workshops, and events at


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