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Water & Waste Water Operations Services


tn Water HeartPomona today benefits from the decisions of forward-thinking farmers, landowners, and civic leaders in the past who secured underground water rights for the City of Pomona and managed such as a shared resource. Pomona receives over 3/4ths of its water from underground reservoirs, a precious natural resource derived from its location adjacent to the San Gabriel Mountains and Mount Baldy. The mission of the Water Division is to protect and manage this natural resource for the people of the City of Pomona and to provide the cleanest water possible to the residents and businesses of Pomona.

Water Maintenance and Operations

  • The Water Division provides safe, high quality water, and delivers this water upon demand in an efficient manner at a reasonable cost to residents and businesses within the City of Pomona.  The Division maximizes locally produced groundwater and locally collected surface water to minimize reliance on more expensive purchased water through the efforts of production, distribution and construction, water quality, and water treatment sections.

          Phone Number: 909-620-2251

Administration & Engineering

  • The Administration and Engineering program provides an overall administration, fiscal control, and interagency coordination with affiliates in the water industry, including the oversight for water quality, production, delivery, engineering designs, and the implementation of the City’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) programs, ensuring the effective and efficient operation of the water system.

          Phone Number: 909-620-2251

Water Production

  • Maximize locally produced groundwater and locally collected surface water to minimize reliance on more expensive purchased water from Metropolitan Water District (MWD) and Three Valleys Municipal Water District (TVMWD) so that the highest quality water can be supplied upon demand to the City's customers in an effective and efficient manner at the least cost to the City.  Program activities include acquiring and storing sufficient quantities of high quality water and recycled water to serve residents and businesses.

          Phone Number: 909-620-2251

Water Distribution & Construction

  • Provides the maintenance of the City's water distribution system by carrying out scheduled inspections of operations and providing for the repair of gate valves, pressure regulating valves, meters and fire hydrants. In addition to providing emergency repair service for broken mains, service lines, fire hydrants and other distribution system equipment so that the City's water customers have a safe, sufficient and uninterruptible supply of water to meet their varied needs.

          Phone Number: 909-620-2251

Water Quality Control

  • Ensures the highest quality of delivered water and the proper operation of water physical plant facilities, by providing cross-connection control, chemical analysis and bacteriological testing, as well as reporting on the quality of the City's water to its customers and various governmental agencies. A primary goal is that the City's water utility remains in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), California Department of Public Health (DPH) and Los Angeles County Health Department requirements.

           Phone Number: 909-620-2251

Water Treatment

  • Operates and maintains the City's water treatment facilities, air stripping towers, anion exchange plants, and includes the inspection, repair and maintenance of plant equipment. Determine the optimum blending ratios of water in accordance with the California Department of Public Health (DPH). Determines proper dosage of chemicals to ensure that treatment objectives are met and that the delivered water is safe for consumption. These facilities process surface water and groundwater which allows Pomona to provide water at a much lower rate.

          Phone Number: 909-620-2251


  • Provides for the safe, effective, and efficient operation of the wastewater collection and conveyance system through maintenance services, engineering services, customer service, and financial oversight.

          Phone Number: 909-620-2251


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