Housing Successor Agency


In June 2011, the passage of ABx1 26 (the “Dissolution Act”) and ABx1 27 (the “Voluntary Program Act”; and together with the Dissolution Act, the “Redevelopment Restructuring Acts”) dissolved the Redevelopment Agencies (RDA) in the State of California.

On June 27, 2012, the California Legislature passed and the Governor signed AB 1484. AB 1484 makes technical and substantive amendments to ABx1 26, and required the creation of a Successor Agency to undertake certain “winding-down” affairs of the dissolved Redevelopment Agency. At the time of dissolution, Housing assets, housing obligations and housing functions of the Dissolved RDA were transferred to a designated housing successor entity (the "Housing Successor Agency").

The City of Pomona City Council has designated the City of Pomona Housing Authority as the "Housing Successor Agency" to serve as the successor housing agency for the purpose of managing the affordable housing obligations and assets of the former redevelopment agency and all housing redevelopment functions.

Senate Bill 341, effective January 1, 2014 (Statues of 2013, Chapter 796) requires housing successor entities of former redevelopment agencies to begin annual reporting affordable housing financial activity information. City and County successors are also required to report affordable housing data with the annual progress report required by Section 65400 of the Government Code. An independent financial audit of Low and Moderate Income Housing Asset Fund shall be conducted within six months after the end of each fiscal year. The audit report may be included in the independent financial audit of the host jurisdiction, and be posted on the jurisdiction’s internet web site. Additional information that also needs to be posted on the jurisdiction’s web site are: the implementation plans of the dissolved RDA and specific information to be included as part of the annual housing element report which is due on April 1. Note that the City of Pomona is a charter city. Therefore, a housing element is not required on an annual basis.



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