Area Commanders


Each of the Watch Commanders is responsible for problem solving the issues that develop in their assigned quadrants,
by utilizing not only the resources within the Police Department, but also 
by coordinating services from other City
Departments as needed that might be helpful in solving 
the problem.

The quadrants are listed as the following:

Northwest Quadrant
Northeast Quadrant
Southwest Quadrant
Southeast Quadrant

The Area Commanders have also been assigned voicemail boxes and email addressed specificallyfor each of their areas
in order to facilitate communication with the citizens in their area.

To locate the quadrant where you live, please enter your address in the map below:


A Community Service Officer from the Community Programs Unit is assigned to each of the four quadrants to work
closely with the Area Commanders and provide consistency to the citizens.  It will be the
responsibility of the
Community Service Officer (CSO) assigned to the quadrant being covered to
coordinate the presentations.  This is
an effort to disseminate the information more efficiently.

Each month, on a rotating basis, Area Commander meetings are held in each Commander's respective portion of the
City.  Although the meetings are geared to the citizens living in a specific
portion of the City, the meeting is open
to everyone.  The meetings will be facilitated by the Area
Commander responsible for that particular quadrant of the

Thank you for your assistance as we work to improve our service to the Community.

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