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City of Pomona is a Model of Efficiency by Saving Energy and Money

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The City is now an Energy Leader Partner with Southern California Edison (SCE). The City, along with San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments and Southern California Edison, are partnered in the San Gabriel Valley Energy Wise Partnership (SGVEWP).   The partnership aims to reduce energy usage in the San Gabriel Valley and offers many incentives and programs to achieve this goal. A banner is displayed in the lobby to show the community that the City of Pomona is doing their part to reduce energy usage.

City of Pomona was presented by Southern California Edison and the San Gabriel Valley Energy Wise Partnership in recognition of the City's outstanding committment to Energy Efficiency's 2016 Energy Savings Impact of an Individual Project. The project was the City's Streetlight LED Retrofit Project.

City of Pomona was presented by Southern California Edison and the San Gabriel Valley Energy Wise Partnership in recognition of the City's outstanding committment to Energy Efficiency's 2015 Energy Savings Impact Total Annual Savings Award on December 9, 2015.

City of Pomona’s 2014 Gold Level Achievement in Southern California Edison’s Local Government Energy Leader Program

On February 26, 2015 SCE recognized Pomona for being a leader amongst San Gabriel Valley cities and becoming the eighth city to reach Gold Level status in the Energy Leader Partnership.  Pomona has been among the most active cities in the Energy Wise Partnership and, since 2009, has reduced its kilowatt-hour usage in municipal facilities more than any other city in the Partnership. Since 2009, the City of Pomona has reduced the energy usage in its municipal facilities by more than 2.3 million kilowatt-hours, or over 10%. This equates to an estimated annual energy cost savings of more than $345,000.

2013 Sustainability Award

The City received the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governements Sustainability Award for the Perchlorate Treatment Facility (AEP-3).  The award recognizes projects that exemplify sustainability in the area of energy, water, air quality and solid waste.  The AEP-3 Project improves water quality and is enabling the City to re-acrivate up to ten wells in the Chino Basin.  This water quality improvement will allow the City to treat up to 16.4 milliona gallons of groundwater daily.  This Project also received the 2012 APWA Project of the Year.

2012 Energy Efficiency Award

The City received the San Gabriel Valley Energy Wise Partnership's 4th Annual Energy Efficiency Award.  The award was presented tot he City for recognition of the City's outstanding commitment to Demand Response programs.

2011 Energy Savings Impact Award

The City received the San Gabriel Valley Energy Wise Partnership’s

2011 Energy Savings Impact Award. This award is in recognition of Pomona’s outstanding commitment to improving its energy efficiency and the environment through participation in the San Gabriel Valley Energy Wise Partnership (SGVEWP).

San Gabriel Valley Energy Wise Partnership is a collaboration between the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments and Southern California Edison to bring energy savings to the San Gabriel Valley through innovative public education and energy efficiency projects.   Pomona has been at the forefront of these achievements, and this will be the second year that Pomona has achieved such goals. 

The City of Pomona was selected for this award due to its energy projects totaling more than 900,000 kilowatt-hours of savings this year. Pomona’s completion of the street lighting project has contributed greatly to the Partnership’s goals.

2010 San Gabriel Valley Energy Efficiency Awards

The San Gabriel Valley Energy Wise Partnership honored the San Gabriel Valley’s outstanding commitment to energy efficiency, and the City of Pomona received the Green Leadership Award:

The City of Pomona has shown outstanding commitment to improving the environment across all sectors, including energy efficiency, with the development of an interdepartmental “Green Team,” the development of a city “Green Plan” and completion of a greenhouse gas emissions inventory.

The San Gabriel Valley Energy Wise Partnership Energy Leader Model is a tiered system whereby cities can receive enhanced rebates from Southern California Edison (SCE) for eligible energy efficiency projects for energy savings achievements and responsibility.  By participating in the SGVEWP, cities automatically qualify as a "Valued Level Partner" whereby they can access SCEs core program rebate for energy savings measures undertaken in city facilities.  As cities demonstrate additional energy savings and commitments, they can qualify for enhanced rebates at the silver, gold and platinum levels.

Currently, Pomona has qualified for the advanced levels, thanks to staffs commitment to saving energy, Pomona is at the GOLD Level!

Learn more about SCE programs and how residents and the business community can save, click on the program links listed below: 

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ConsumerAffairs has a great guide about solar energy featuring hundreds of verified consumer reviews.  Below is the link to valuable information:

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Pomona Commitment to Energy Savings

Green Plan

Did You Know?

 50+ Go Green Intiatives


•     On Bill Financing or “0%” fees or loan costs for energy saving upgrades
•     Energy Management Solutions to help save money and manage energy use
•     Services for Business
•     Solar Leadership




24 hours a day, 365 days a year, SCE is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has electric power—without interruptions. Sometimes, when demand exceeds supply, when electricity costs are high, or when the state’s electrical system is constrained, we ask (and pay for) you to help by reducing the electricity you use. What we’ve learned is that energy management is the first and best way to keep the overall cost of electricity as low as possible. So, in addition to helping prevent outages, Demand Response helps to keep your electricity costs low.

Demand Response takes traditional energy management, which is focused on installing efficient equipment and systems, and makes it dynamically interactive. Often, paying customers for demand reductions is more efficient and effective than calling on a generator to meet power needs, and this helps avoid adding costly generation and transmission facilities to our system.

Qualifying customers are rewarded with bill reductions and/or energy credits for reducing their electrical demand when requested by SCE. However, if you do NOT reduce your consumption when asked by SCE, you may be subject to higher cost electricity.

For additional information from SCE CLICK here.

Click below to see Appliance, Lighting and Cooling Tips by Southern California Edison


 Residential Tips by Southern California Edison

SCE Summer Readiness Materials for Residential Customers

A better way to make your home energy-efficient.

Incentives of up to $4,000 are available to SCE and SoCalGas® residential customers with detached single-family homes who complete qualifying energy-saving home upgrade projects. With a variety of participation options, you can correct your home’s energy inefficiencies and reduce your monthly utility bills.* 

Visit Energy Upgrade California™ and take a free Home Energy Efficiency Survey

Earn rebates and cash incentives for completing energy-efficiency projects


Savings By Design (SBD) is California’s non-residential new construction energy efficiency program, administered statewide and funded by Utility customers through the Public Purpose Programs surcharge applied to gas and electric services. Participating utilities are: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E); Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD); San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E); Southern California Edison (SCE); and Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas).

This statewide approach offers the non-residential building industry a multi-faceted program designed to consistently serve the needs of the building community throughout California. Savings By Design encourages energy-efficient building design and construction practices, promoting the efficient use of energy by offering up-front design assistance supported by financial incentives based on project performance.

Benefits of Participation. Projects participating in Savings By Design receive services including design assistance, Owners Incentives, Design Team Incentives, and Energy Design Resources. Services begin in the project design phase and continue through construction completion.

For more information on this unique program please visit or review this brochure, SavingsByDesign.pdf.


Pomona Commitment to Energy Conservation

The City is committed to becoming a sustainable community. The City has established policies that incorporate environmental responsibility into its daily management of urban and industrial growth, education, energy and water use, air quality, transportation, waste reduction, economic development, and open space and natural habitats.

Pomona Brochure


Pomona's Vision for a Sustainable Future

The City of Pomona (City) Green Plan is designed to be more than a reference document. It is designed to evolve with the City as new technologies, new economics, and new priorities redefine what is feasible. The core of the Green Plan is the integration of sustainable design into all aspects of the City’s operations. The Green Plan includes sections dedicated to the following topics:

The Green Plan reflects several months of research, data analysis, interviews, and writing by dozens of City staff and consultants. The City of Pomona Green Plan represents a new way of thinking about how the City consumes energy, water, and other resources.  An notable topic missing from the list    above is energy efficiency. Due to a funding synergy, the energy efficiency element of this Green Plan was developed concurrently and under separate contract. It has been included here as the Energy Action Plan (EAP) (included herein as Appendix B). The EAP overlaps with a number of the other Green Plan topics and is an integral element to this comprehensive Plan. The implementation strategies found in the EAP can be adapted to suit any number of the opportunities found throughout this Plan.  This Plan is a living document. As the City goes forward adapting, implementing, and integrating its “greening” activities, this Plan will inevitably need to be revisited, updated, and adapted to identify ever-refined and more environmentally and financially beneficial sustainability initiatives that will serve the City into the future.

Click here for the Green Plan pdf icon

Appendix A Technical Memorandum for Land Use and Transportation Projections pdf icon

Appendix B Energy Action Plan pdf icon

Appendix C Solar Photovoltaic Feasibility Study pdf icon

Appendix D TBL Matrix pdf icon

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Did you know….

In Southern California, it costs more to produce electricity in the summer, when energy demand is at its peak, and less to produce electricity in the winter, during periods of lower demand. When you use energy wisely, you’ll be saving money and the environment.

That’s why the City of Pomona and Southern California Edison (SCE) are partnering to encourage energy efficiency and conservation.

Using energy wisely in our everyday lives is a smart way to ensure our planet and its natural resources are protected. Simple changes to your daily routine on how and when you use electricity can make a difference.

For example, switch off unnecessary lights and at the end of the day turn off office equipment. Even using your washing machine, dryer or dishwasher before noon or after 6pm can help conserve energy when demand is at its highest.

Energy management is the first and best way to manage your energy use at not only at home, but at work too. It can help create a brighter future for us all. By becoming more energy conscious, you’ll help California conserve valuable energy resources now and well into the future.

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The WRCOG HERO Program is offered through a partnership between Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) and Renovate America, Inc. The Program’s purpose is to provide relatively low interest rate financing to spark the local economy by creating jobs and reducing utility costs, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Program provides HERO Financing for permanently affixed energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy products (Eligible Products). HERO Financing is repaid through an assessment on your property tax bill over 5-20 years, based on the useful life of the products, and upon sale of the property, the balance generally stays with the property.

 For more information, please visit the HERO website for Pomona residents.