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2020 ADA Transition Plan for Public Right of Way


 Appendix A - Accessibility Compliance Assessment Report
 Appendix B - List of Priority Locations
 Appendix C - CIP Projects Completed
 Appendix D - October 2015 Transition Plan
 Appendix E - Pomona Standard Plans First Draft
 Appendix F - Grievance Procedures
 Appendix G - Finalized Reasonable Accommodation Form From City Website
 Appendix H - Pomona ADA Unit Prices JR Conkey
 Appendix I -  Supplemental Data
 Appendix J -  GIS Maps
 Appendix K - Public Outreach Questionnaire
 Appendix L - Primary Transition Plan
 Appendix M - Secondary Transition Plan Appendix
 Appendix N - City of Pomona 2019-2020 CIP


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