Bounce Permits

Bounce houses are allowed at designated city parks by permit only. There is a $25 fee for the permit, and the bounce must be provided by a company that has been pre-approved by the City.

bounce house Trans 200wThe company must provide liability insurance with the City of Pomona named as additional insured, prior to permit issuance. 

Risk Management can be reached at 909-620-3741.



  • Seven (7) day advance notice is required for all bounce permits.
  • Availability: Only one (1) bounce is allowed per park per day.
  • Bounces cannot be operated through City electricity; applicant must secure generator for operation.  Normally the bounce company will provide electricity.
  • Applicant is responsible for clean up of area upon termination of event, including all decorations and trash.
  • Bounce must be used by the applicant’s private party; applicant may not charge admission for bounce activities.
  • Copy of permit must be kept with attraction during stated hours.
  • Bounce is subject to inspection and/or closure by Park Enforcement Officers or other Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department personnel at the City’s discretion.


Bounces are allowed only at the following parks:

Ganesha Washington
Palomares Philadelphia
Phillips Ranch Ralph Welch
Westmont Martin Luther King Jr.
Jaycee Kennedy


Please contact Community Services with any questions at 909-620-2321.



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