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First, on behalf of myself and the entire City Council, we would like to thank healthcare workers, city staff, first responders, and others who are working hard to keep us safe. The Pomona City Council and I understand the strain and uncertainty that the COVID-19 Pandemic and the associated social distancing restrictions have caused on everyone’s daily lives. However, it is paramount that we all virtually unite as a community and follow the dictates of public health and government officials – The lives of our most vulnerable populations are literally at stake.  Now is not a time for cavalier behavior, as selfish individual decisions will only exacerbate the long-term negative impacts of this Pandemic on society as we know it.  The emergency orders being issued across the Country are MANDATORY and in the interest of public health – they should not be taken lightly!  

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May 22, 2020

The City of Pomona is aware that the Council Member Rubio G. Gonzalez was arrested for possession of child pornography. While it is important to allow the legal system to determine his innocence, we are stunned and deeply concerned by Mr. Gonzalez’ arrest and the extremely serious nature of the criminal allegations. The city has not been able to reach Mr. Gonzalez to determine if he plans to remain on the Council while facing these charges. The investigation was conducted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigations. 


Mayor Tim Sandoval stated that he intends to immediately call for a special meeting of the City Council to discuss our legal options addressing Mr. Gonzalez’ status as a Council Member. Remaining on the City Council while he faces these serious charges will present a distraction from the significant work the City Council has to perform for the community, especially as we search for ways to assist our residents and businesses and safely reopen our city.

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