Starting July 1, 2017 the City of Pomona’s 2017 Annual Water Quality Report will be available at the link provided below. The report contains important information about the source and quality of your drinking water.

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The City is embarking on a process to comprehensively update Pomona’s Zoning and Subdivision Codes, the regulations that govern development in the city. This effort will shape future growth and help realize the community’s vision for Pomona as a safe, vibrant, and livable community with a robust local economy. As the project progresses, the community will be kept informed through numerous public meetings and workshops.


To view the Code Diagnosis document, please click here.

Project Introduction and Code Diagnosis Presentation

The new free 2 hours parking restriction began November 1st, 2016. On-street parking will be limited to 2 hours per day, per block, from 8am to 12am along First Street between Park Avenue and Elm Street. 

For those affected by the new parking restriction changes, two pay-for-parking options will be available. One can purchase a quarterly commuter parking permit for $120.00 ($90.00 for Pomona residents). A commuter parking permit is applicable for lots 5, 10, and 12. The permit is NOT applicable for on-street parking.





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