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Administrative Services Division

This Division is responsible for providing administrative and other essential support services for the effective and cost efficient delivery of police services. The programs and work activities assigned to this division include the Records and Clerical Program, Budget and Accounting, Fleet and Facility Maintenance, Dispatch Services, Jail Operations and Property and Evidence.

Records Bureau
Records Bureau personnel perform a variety of duties both in a direct and indirect support capacity for other units within the Department as well as for the public. Providing copies of police reports to residents, insurance companies and government agencies are just a few of the many tasks performed by Records Bureau personnel. Additional tasks include: transcription of taped police reports; assembling court packages for Investigators to review with the District Attorney's Office; providing crime statistics to the California Department of Justice; compiling internal management reports; registering narcotics, arson and sex offenders, and complying with State and Federal laws concerning the privacy of information housed in the Records Bureau files.


ALL requests for copies of police reports MUST be made in writing.

Records Bureau personnel work two different shifts, providing services to the Department and community from 5:00am – 7:00pm, 7 days a week, on a year-around basis. Records Bureau personnel can be reached by calling (909) 620-2161. 

Jail Operations
Those who are arrested
The Pomona City Jail is a Type I facility which meets all standards mandated by laws governing jails. Those who have been arrested by Pomona Police are usually taken to the Pomona City Jail for processing (booking). Once the transporting officer has provided information to the Jailers then a Jailer will finish the booking. Jailers are responsible for mug photos, fingerprints as well as verifying identity, medical problems, mental problems and gang affiliation. Persons with no medical problems are kept at the Jail. Those who can post bond, bail or are eligible for a citation will be released. The remaining inmates will be kept at the Jail for arraignment at the Pomona Superior Courts.

Other Jail Functions
Jailers have a number of responsibilities above and beyond safely supervising inmates. The following is a list of their frequent duties:

  •  Prisoner transportation to and from jails in the L.A. area.
  •  Fingerprint civilian job applicants, sex crimes registrants and narcotics registrants.
  •  Supervising Inmate Workers.
  •  Issuing equipment to police officers.

Dispatch Services
Dispatch Services is the primary answering point for the City's 9-1-1 emergency calls. It is a 24-hour, seven day a week operation that facilitates the delivery of emergency services to the citizens of Pomona. When a service request is received from a citizen or self initiated by an Officer it is the Dispatchers responsibility to classify the priority of the call, determine the response by the Department and to dispatch emergency personnel and equipment to handle each situation.  The Dispatchers assist field personnel by providing vehicle or suspect want information, monitor officer locations, act as the officers link to victims of in progress crimes, and communicate with field personnel by radio and MDT (Mobile Data Computer). All of the calls for service, 911 calls, and self initiated activity by the officers are tracked in real time by utilizing a CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system.

Dispatch Non-Emergency 909-622-1241

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