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Neighborhood Watch

What is a Neighborhood Watch? 

Neighborhood Watch focuses on informing the community how to discourage, deter and prevent crimes such as burglary, auto theft, car break-ins, and crimes against persons, which often occur in residential areas.

The Pomona Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit has provided Neighborhood Watch presentations to neighborhood groups for nearly 30 years. Although crime trends have changed since the 1970's, the basic principle behind NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH remains the same; to bring communities together with the police to achieve the common goal of preventing crime. 

 How do I join a Neighborhood Watch?

Speak to a Community Programs Unit CSO who will look to see if there is an existing Neighborhood Watch group in your area. If there is one established, they will give your information to the Block Captain to contact you. 


What if My Area Doesn’t Have a Neighborhood Watch Group?

The Pomona Police Department will help you establish a Neighborhood Watch group. Call Crime Prevention at (909)620-2318. The Community Service Officer who represents the area of Pomona in which you live will work with you to understand the process and help you get started. At least TEN homes are required to start a Neighborhood Watch group. Most meetings are held in a members home or at a neighborhood facility.

What happens at the meeeting?

Neighborhood Watch is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with representatives of your police department to discuss and work to solve problems in your community, or to keep the problems from starting in the first place!

Through this positive, pro-active program, you will learn facts about:

• Duties of various units within the Pomona Police Department

• Crime trends in your area and how to prevent them. 

• How to react to suspicious or criminal activity.

• How San Jose's 9-1-1 system works

• Recommended home security steps.  


• That most residential burglaries occur during DAYLIGHT HOURS?

• How burglars can tell at a glance which homes are EASY TARGETS?

• What to do if you see a suspicious person on YOUR STREET?

• Why personal property which has been engraved with a California driver's license number is LESS LIKELY to be stolen?

• That crime rates in Neighborhood Watch communities can be greatly reduced through the simple, common sense measures you can learn by attending a Neighborhood Watch meeting?

That the POMONA POLICE DEPARTMENT is ready to help you to “TAKE A BITE OUT OF CRIME?”

It begins with a meeting...
...and ends with a safer neighborhood   

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