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Internal Affairs - 909-620-3674


Internal Affairs Unit
Citizen's complaints and administrative investigations are conducted by the Internal Affairs Unit or by the involved employee(s) supervisor depending on the nature of the complaint. The Internal Affairs Unit consists of two sergeants and one corporal. The Internal Affairs Unit reports directly to the Deputy Police Chief.

If you believe that a Department employee acted improperly you may request to speak to the employee's supervisor or the Watch Commander. Citizen's complaint forms are available at all police facilities.

If you would like to commend the actions of a police department employee you can call the Watch Commander 24 hours a day. You may also write a letter to the employee's supervisor or the Police Chief.

Citizen's Complaint Procedures
Section 832.5 of the California Penal Code sets forth that all California Law Enforcement Agencies shall develop a procedure to investigate complaints made by a member of the public against a peace officer.

The Pomona Police Department accepts and thoroughly investigates all complaints of misconduct by Police Department employees. Misconduct is defined as:

·  The commission of a crime

·  The neglect of duty

·  A violation of the Departmental Rules and Regulations, Operating Policies & Procedures and/or

·  Conduct which may tend to reflect unfavorably upon the employee or the Department

Submitted complaints are forwarded to the Internal Affairs Commander. The Assigned investigator shall contact all witnesses, examine all relevant physical evidence, and gather all information pertinent to the allegations(s) in the complaint. The investigator will determine final disposition of sustained, not sustained, unfounded or exonerated.  Upon approval of the investigation, the complainant will be notified, in writing, of the disposition. Any action taken against a Department employee will not be discussed nor disclosed to the complainant (832.7 PC).

Phone numbers
Desk Officer (Main Line): 909-620-2155
Internal Affairs: 909-620-3674

490 W. Mission Blvd
Pomona, CA  91766omna, CA  91766



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