Investigative Services Division

The Investigative Services Division is comprised of two sections serving the City of Pomona; Investigations and Special Operations.

The Investigations Section is responsible for investigating major crimes occurring in the City, conducting follow up investigation on reported felony offenses and certain misdeamor offenses, and conducting proactive investigations related to Gangs and Vice activity.  The Investigations Section, through the Detective Bureau, is also responsible for filing criminal cases with the DA's Office and maintaining relationship with allied agencies and regional-community partnerships.

The Special Operations Section is responsible for conducting Major Narcotics investigations, providing traffic enforcement and investigating serious traffic collisions.  The Training Bureau is also under the purview of Special Operations and is responsible for ensuring Pomona is served by the most highly trained and committed officers possible.

Traffic Services
The Traffic Services Unit consists of seven Motor Officers and four Parking Enforcement Officers. They are specifically responsible for enforcing the State Vehicle Code and the traffic section of the City Code. They regularly conduct special enforcement details focusing on impaired drivers, occupant protection, license verification, and speed compliance. Members of the Traffic Unit receive specialized training in traffic accident investigation and reconstruction, becoming experts in the field. These highly trained individuals make up the MAIT (Major Accident Investigation Team) that is responsible for scientifically determining the cause of fatal and major injury accidents.

Aero Bureautn copter

This program provides airborne patrol service in support of ground units by providing aerial observations and information regarding criminal activity and potential suspects at a crime scene. The Aero Bureau deploys one helicopter to assist in apprehending criminals and provide protection to the citizens of Pomona. The Aero Bureau also provides an airborne public address system, emergency lighting for scenes at night, Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) for no light situations, Lojack stolen vehicle locating system, and a movable observation platform which increases the security to Police Officers and the citizens of Pomona. The Aero Bureau helicopter is instrumental in high-speed pursuits allowing patrol units to pursue the suspect vehicle at a reasonable distance while the air unit maintains constant visual contact. The Pomona Air Support Unit has been in existence since 1969.

Homicide Detail
The Unit has the sole responsibility of investigating the untimely death of persons who are victims of homicide. These detectives work diligently on a murder case to help identify and capture the perpetrator.  Pomona homicide detectives investigate an average of 30 homicides a year. These murders include drive-by shootings, stabbings, strangulation's, and child deaths. The unit also investigates attempted murder cases, attend autopsies, and review unsolved murder cases. A homicide detective must be methodical and persistent in his approach to a death investigation. The detective has the overall responsibility of preparing a case for a criminal filing and will assist the Deputy District Attorney through the trial process.

The homicide unit is comprised of one sergeant and six detectives. Evidence technicians gather and document evidence to support the unit. On a murder investigation call-out, a team consisting of one sergeant, two detectives, and one technician respond to the crime scene to initiate an investigation. Since death usually strikes without warning, the homicide unit is subject to being on-call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Gang Violence Suppression Unit/Vice
Their responsibilities include the tracking of street gang activity, contacting individual members and associates of these gangs, and follow up on the investigation of gang-related crimes.  Another duty of the unit is the maintenance of records, which are used by the "Cal-Gangs" state wide gang database. This data is collected from reports, field interviews, and initiating contacts. Gang investigators are also the "experts" for the department in regard to street gangs and testifying in court on gang related matters. The Unit also provides assistance to other agencies investigating gang members from the City of Pomona.